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3 Must-Have Technology Skills For Photographers

February 27, 2013 IADT General, IADT Nashville 0 Comments

Technology Photography Skills

Do you think you have what it takes to become a professional photographer? If you’re skilled with a camera and have an eye for picture-perfect views, you’re on the right track. But photography is more than simply taking pictures. Be sure to study up on these technology skills as you pursue your interests:

Editing Software Knowledge

Today’s digital age allows for a new and enhanced type of photography. If you want to enter the professional world of photography, you must to have some digital photography experience, including the digital editing of images. Free programs are available online, but high-quality software such as Adobe Photoshop is most popular among photographers. Gain experience adjusting levels, contrast, and colors as you learn about digital photography. Other common tasks include cropping, brush editing, history tracking, and cloning.

Mac and PC Experience

Image editing works differently on different operating systems, so photographers should be versatile in both Mac and PC systems. Then you can create quality images in several work settings without being distracted by the challenges of unfamiliar operating systems.

Printing Awareness

Printing is as critical to digital photography as developing is to film photography. While digital images can be easily edited and reprinted, printers present different problems that the dark rooms didn’t. Know that images usually appear differently in print than on your computer screen. You should know your computer and printer well enough to make the necessary adjustments before printing. It’s also necessary that you use the proper color and resolution settings when printing or creating images for the Web. 


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