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Seven Tips for New Graphic Design Professionals

February 24, 2012 IADT Seattle, IADT General, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Graphic Designer, Graphic Design TipsBeing the new person can be stressful, especially if it is your first job. You have to trust that your graphic design training has prepared you with the skills and knowledge to pursue success in your chosen field.

Need a little advice for your new job? Consider the following tips for new graphic design professionals:

  1. Learn on the job – Use your peers as an excellent way to learn more about graphic design. The professionals around you can offer valuable insight, tips and suggestions for improving your knowledge.
  2. Ask questions, and lots of them – Asking questions is not a sign of weakness. It shows an enthusiasm to learn and a dedication to doing the best you possibly can in your new graphic design job.
  3. Stay organized- Whether you are working as a freelance graphic designer or for a larger corporation, organization is key. By keeping strict deadlines and saving all work in an organized manner, you can stay calm under pressure and create excellent work every time.
  4. Use criticism to grow – Use the criticism you get from clients, superiors and peers as an opportunity to grow as a graphic design professional.
  5. Voice your opinions – Just because you are a fresh face in the industry doesn’t mean you don’t have valuable ideas and opinions. Never be afraid to speak up; your peers will begin to value your opinion and trust your ideas.
  6. Don’t undersell yourself – In order to gain respect in your new position, you have to present yourself as an authoritative figure. By volunteering for new projects and showing confidence in meetings, you can begin to show your colleagues that your lack of experience does not mean you don’t have the industry-knowledge to succeed.
  7. Improve your communication skills – It is easy to get lost in your own world as a graphic design professional, but interacting with your clients and peers is a vital part of your new job. Focus on developing effective communication skills. This will show your professionalism and help you build valuable long-term relationships.

The important thing when starting a new graphic design job is to trust in yourself and your abilities. Confidence in your skills and talent will help you to grow as a professional and as a graphic designer.

Interested in learning more about graphic design before entering the field? Consider enrolling in graphic design courses at a quality school near you.


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