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How to Use Fashion Design Templates

February 20, 2012 IADT San Antonio, Fashion Design, IADT General 0 Comments

Fashion Design TemplateIn the competitive fashion design industry, success often depends on speed. That’s why many designers use templates.

Fashion design templates are an aid for sketching garments. Traditionally called a “croquis,” a template is essentially a perfected sketch of a model that you can reproduce, allowing you to sketch designs without redrawing the body every time.

Some people believe that using fashion design templates diminishes the design process, but really, using templates should be viewed as a way to increase efficiency.

Start Your Template Collection

There are two ways to assemble fashion design templates.

  1. Use existing templates. You can usually find free templates online. Look for templates that you can import into graphic design software if you want to create graphics instead of hand-drawn sketches.
  2. Draw your own templates. If you want your templates to be more personal and you have the time, draw your own. These can be drawn free-hand on regular sketch paper. Once you’re finished drawing a croquis, you can scan it or even sketch on top of it using tracing paper.

Regardless of the way you get your templates, make sure they follow these guidelines:

  • The dimensions should be accurate.
  • It should be no more than a basic outline of the body. The fewer the details, the easier it is to make adjustments later.
  • The templates should have versatile poses. Consider developing several templates for the sake of flexibility or to suit different types and styles of garments.

The Benefits of Using Fashion Design Templates

If you’re not sure whether fashion design templates can help you, check out the benefits they offer:

  • Besides saving you time, using a template can create consistency in your sketches. This is especially helpful if you’re creating a unified fashion line.
  • Using templates makes it easier for you to create patterns. It also leaves you more time for the garment-construction process.
  • Whether you sketch by hand or use a digital program, templates allow you to fill in a range of detail and make adjustments easily.
  • Different types of templates can suit your design needs. If you don’t need a full body template, you can use ones for just the upper or lower body.


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