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Using Social Networking Sites for Photography Promotion

December 21, 2013 IADT General, Photography 0 Comments

Using Social Networking Sites for Photography PromotionPromoting a photography business before the advent of social media was difficult. Graduates had to rely on recommendations from family and friends, and didn't have the luxury of an easy and cheap way to show off their talents. However, with the advent of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, photographers have a new tool at their disposal that allows them to display their work and promote themselves.

Even if you've used social networks before, making them part of your business' marketing plan means following a different set of guidelines when it comes to sharing and showing off you skills. Here are four ways to get the most out of social networking sites for your business.

Share Often. Share Appropriately.

The biggest advantage that using social networking sites can give a budding photographer is the ability to share examples of their work instantly. It is important that you expressly ask customers if it is OK to share a photo of them on your social networking profiles, and show them the specific photo you want to post before hitting the "share" button. It doesn't matter if they have already signed a release or you asked them about sharing photos before the shoot. Permission is a big deal, and consumers who see a photo on your page they don't like or didn't approve will feel like you have betrayed their trust.

Always Ask Permission Before Tagging

Tagging photos you post online is a great way for the friends of your followers to view your work. But remember that even if someone has given you express permission to post a photo of them that you have taken, you must also ask permission before tagging them. Imagine taking a photo from an engagement shoot, uploading it to your website and then tagging the happy couple before they announced their news to family and friends! In order to avoid these kinds of situations, always ask if it is OK to tag photos. If a customer says its OK to upload but not to tag, make sure you respect their wishes. 

Only Promote Your Business Endeavors 

You may be tempted to post about personal issues on your business page, but you definitely shouldn't. Sure, social networking sites are a great place for people to talk about complex issues, but your business page is not the right place for that. Emotions can run high, and customers may leave your page if they see comments or content they find offensive. All posts should be business related. 

Respond to Customers Quickly

One huge benefit of social networking is the ability for customers to interact with businesses instantly, and you should use this power responsibly. If customers reach out to you via social networking profiles, you must make sure that you respond in a timely fashion. Customers who see you posting content without responding to them might feel ignored. In an even worse scenario, questions or correspondence that sit on your social networking site for a long time could give users a negative impression of your business (you don't answer questions, so clearly you don't care about the business). The best policy is to answer questions or concerns as soon as you see them. 

Managing a social networking presence is essential for photographers looking to go into business for themselves. However, managing a business page isn't as easy as having a personal social networking profile, and following these key rules is essential if you want to successfully market your business online. 

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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