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The Hottest IT Skills for 2014

December 20, 2013 IADT General, Information Technology 0 Comments

The Hottest IT Skills for 2014There's good news for IT students in this recovering economy. Computerworld's Annual Forecast Survey shows that around 30 percent of companies across the nation are going to increase the number of IT people in their teams in 2014. Employers will be headhunting talent with IT skills to fill the growing number of jobs, and unemployment in the industry is expected to go down.

There are eight "hot" skills employers will be looking for. You need to make sure you have them all covered if you want to land your dream job in IT.

Programming and Application Development

The most sought-after skills for next year are programming and application development. The unemployment here is already very low at 1.8 percent across the US, but half of the respondents in the recent Computerworld survey said they would be hiring new software engineers in 2014.

Help Desk and Technical Support

Companies will hire more staff in technical support departments compared to the previous year. This is mainly due to the fact that more employers want to bring help desks back in-house instead of outsourcing it. A growing number of IT jobs in technical support is considered a sign of a healthy economy because it means companies can afford to add to their payroll.


There will be greater need for networking specialists thanks to the growing use of wireless technology in different industries such as health care and banking.

Mobile Applications and Device Management

The IT world is being taken over by mobile technology. More people now prefer to use mobile devices to surf the Internet, so there is a need for specialists with the skills to develop new mobile applications and provide necessary device management advice.

Project Management

Recruiters will continue to headhunt project managers to fill in new vacancies as companies are now interested in long-term projects and need strategists who can design programs and guide the company to the completion of its goals. Renewed interest in project managers is considered another sign of a recovering economy and the growing confidence of CEOs.

Database Administration

Unlike other skills listed so far, database administration did not make it into the top IT skills of previous years. In 2014, however, database admins will be in demand mainly because marketing departments will have to deal with big data gathered from numerous sources such as social media sites, the Web and third parties, and there will be a need for data systematization and maintenance.

Security Compliance and Governance

It comes as no surprise that companies are concerned with security, especially given the growing threat of cyber attacks and malware. IT specialists with security compliance and governance skills will be welcomed by many companies in 2014.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

The volume of global data is set to increase through 2020, so companies are looking to attract people with exceptional analytical skills to gain an edge over competitors. Business intelligence and analytics skills are very scarce, and salaries for these positions can run into six figures. It's a good idea for IT students to start mastering the skill set.

If you're an IT graduate looking for an edge in 2014, mastering these eight skills will hold you in good stead with employers.

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