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Social Media Marketing Strategy: How to Succeed in an Online Community

December 20, 2013 IADT General, Internet Marketing 0 Comments

Social Media Marketing Strategy: How to Succeed in an Online CommunityThe importance of social media in increasing visibility and brand recognition for companies cannot be understated. So why do only a handful of businesses create successful and sustainable social media marketing strategies? It can come down to many things, but generally it's a lack of awareness of the key elements of a social media marketing strategy and the failure to commit enough time to develop one. There is no one-size-fits all social media marketing strategy, but these tips can help companies develop a plan to use social media effectively and tailor a campaign to their needs. 

Know Your Market and Your Customers

The first thing to do before drafting your social media marketing strategy is to research your market and customers. You have to know what is considered to be a standard in your market in order to find something that can make you stand out from the competition. You also need to know what your customers' preferences are for how and where they access and consume information.

Understand Social Media Channels

Social media is not just Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are hundreds of different social media channels you could use. Don't just simply go with the most popular site; you must go to the site that your audience uses. Instead of having a branded Facebook page, consider creating an account with a smaller platform if it will help you to get in front of your future or current customers.

Develop Your Message

Obviously, you hope to increase your popularity and boost your sales because of your social media presence. It's a legitimate goal, but it is not a message that you will win customers with. As a company, you have to come up with a strong and memorable message that customers will associate with your brand. It has to be something more global and people-oriented than increasing sales or becoming an industry leader.

Set Milestones and a Timeline

Social media marketing is a continuous effort, and there will never be a time when it can be stopped or when it will no longer be needed. You can never stop evaluating your campaign. However, if you set milestones to be met at certain times, it will be easier to oversee your progress and evaluate your success.

Appoint a Manager

While everyone in your company can contribute their ideas on how to improve your Web presence, it is recommended that you appoint a separate manager who will decide what and when things are published. Through time, the manager will form an intimate connection with your customers online and will certainly know how to approach them to get the desired results.

Get Ready to Change

You should not engage in a conversation with your customers on social media channels if you are not ready to adapt the way you do business according to their suggestions and preferences. Be ready to change whenever you think it's what your customers want. Your customers will appreciate that you are responsive and they will care more about your brand.

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