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How to Tell a Story With Your Website Design

December 21, 2013 IADT General, Web Design and Development 0 Comments

How to Tell a Story With Your Website DesignYour website design is like your business card. Its layout can say a lot about you and how you do business. In one snapshot, your audience will take in everything they see and decide if you are what they are looking for. Being able to convey your story, who you are and the things you care about on your website is important in attracting the right kind of audience. Whether you are designing your own website or learning website design as a career, here are three tips that will help you tell your story.

Match Your Website to Your Intentions

Intentions are important for all businesses. A food blogger isn't going to write posts about carpets unless the carpets in question have something to do with food. The blogger's intent is to educate and entertain their audience about food, not carpets. It is the same for businesses and their goals. Everyone has a niche that they work within, a customer need to fulfill. Some companies call this a mission statement. Whatever it may be, you have to match the website design to the intentions and goals of its creator. A technology start-up whose mission is to step boldly into the future of communications may not want, for example, a site with a simplistic, old-fashioned style.

Keep Your Layout Simple and Focused

What is the first thing that draws the eye on your home page? If the first thing a viewer sees is something unrelated to your message, get rid of it. The layout, no matter what your website is for, should be clear and uncluttered. You should have a primary focus, the reason for your website's existence, around which your layout should revolve. Remove everything else. Simplicity is your friend. You do not want to distract your audience with competing content. Your layout is meant to do one thing, direct your customers to what you want to show them. A photographer demonstrating her expertise in taking pictures during events might have flashing images of bands playing music; if she placed a neat layout of family portraits alongside them, it would clash and confuse the target audience. 

Get Personal

What sets you apart from your competition? What makes your product, service or content unique? Find out what makes you special and let it shine. Play with color schemes, images and content structure until your character comes through in your website design. Use subpages to get creative. As long as you keep your website objectives in mind and your layout is well-organized, you should be free to add that personal touch that will not only tell your story but set you apart from the crowd.

Use these three tips when you are designing your website and you are sure to tell a compelling story from a viewer's very first glance. Not only will you be conveying a clear and immediately recognizable story with your layout, but you will be attracting more of the right audience for your needs.

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