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How to Measure Social Media Marketing Success

December 21, 2013 IADT General, Internet Marketing 0 Comments

How to Measure Social Media Marketing SuccessAny investment has to be tracked to the point where managers can see returns. Usually it's not that hard to do when your target is quantifiable, but there can be problems with measuring your social media marketing success. The more detailed your social media strategy is, the easier it is to understand how well you are doing.

Once you have drafted your detailed strategy, including key milestones and time lines, you can use the following three-step guide to measure your social media marketing success.


It's difficult to measure your social media marketing success because you cannot express it in numbers. However, you can do this when it comes to assessing your reach, the number of people you have been able to send your message to. Let's assume the site your using to run your campaign is Facebook: you can use Facebook Insights to determine the number of people who saw your posts and liked or shared it. Similar analytical tools are available on all the other major social media sites. Counting the number of listeners can be done manually, or you can always hire one of the many special agencies that can provide detailed sets of quantitative data.


To assess how much listeners cared about your content, you need to measure the level of their engagement. Unlike reach, you are no longer interested in the number of people who were merely exposed to your posts. Here you want to know how many of your listeners cared enough to enter into a dialogue with you and contribute to the conversation through comments. To measure this, look at the number of comments on your posts on Facebook and track the number of clicks on the links you provided. This can also be done manually or outsourced to another company.


Now it's time to assess the impact of your efforts on your business and sales. Your readers may have liked what you told them and even cared enough to add their comments, but did they go a step further and buy something from you? If you sell online, you can see how the buyer found your online store.  If you sell offline, you can always ask your buyers how they found your business and what convinced them to make the purchase. It is also a good idea to conduct an online survey through your social media marketing campaign and ask your audience how they like your efforts and whether they have acted upon the information you have sent out so far.

Discovering the return on investment for your social media campaigns doesn't have to be difficult. By using the three methods described above, you can get a good set of data to show how well your campaign is driving leads to your store and whether it's converting them into customers.

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