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Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid

December 20, 2013 IADT General, Internet Marketing 0 Comments

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Should AvoidSocial media is a relatively new, low-cost marketing channel that small businesses can use to boost their online presence and generate sales leads. Maintaining a profile on any of the social media platforms may seem like an easy task, but small businesses have to be aware of some common social media marketing mistakes that can rob them of meaningful success. Here is a list of the most common social media marketing mistakes small businesses should avoid.

Being Too Self-Centered

Talking only about your company can be annoying, and it is not going to attract much interest from consumers. There will be times that you have to share something important happening with your brand, but to create a really loyal following, you have to strike a balance between corporate news and addressing customer issues. A 1 to 4 ratio is considered appropriate.

Pushing Your Line Rather Than Talking

Don't just share promotional messages about your recent offerings; engage in a dialogue with your customers. You can like their posts about your products on Facebook and answer any concerns they might have with regard to it. Show that you care about customers' opinions and want to make their experience with your brand as pleasant as possible.

Being Ignorant of the Reality on the Ground

Always be aware that your customers don't live in a sociopolitical vacuum; understand that they have real-life concerns that affect the way they feel and think at any particular moment. Posting about sensitive topics in an insensitive manner can enrage customers and make them want to cut ties with you.

Taking Long Breaks Between Posts

Keeping your social media profile clear is important, so it's good practice to not post unless you have something to say. Small businesses don't have to update their profiles every day to achieve success in social media marketing. The key is to have a publishing schedule and follow it no matter what. Ensure that intervals between your posts are not too long, and keep searching for relevant and noteworthy information for your customers, even if you cannot immediately see good stories on the surface.

Small businesses should bear in mind that while social media can be used to improve their bottom line, the emphasis should be on creating the type of relationship with the customers that will last for years. Do your best to avoid making these social media marketing mistakes. In a world of fierce competition, you cannot afford to lose customers because you talk about yourself too, or forget to address customer concerns.

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