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Be Different with Crazy Wallpaper

December 21, 2013 IADT General, Interior Design 0 Comments

Be Different with Crazy WallpaperWallpaper has gone in and out of fashion in interior design. Now, it is unquestionably in, and the range of available options have grown. You can find everything from classic prints to modern minimalist designs, but you can also find some new crazy wallpaper. Check out a few bold designs!

Whimsical Yet Classic

Cole and Son has some of the best crazy wallpaper around in their Fornasetti II collection. Based on the designs of the late Italian artist Piero Fornasetti, each print has a creative theme. Macchine Volanti features flying whales, ships hoisted by balloon, and other unlikely airborne objects. Procuratie e Scimmie offers a more classical design of pillars and arches, yet a closer inspection reveals monkeys hanging around the architecture. Other options include cyclists on a nine-person bicycle and more classical architecture, with zebras.

Light-Emitting Wallpaper

Designer Jonas Samson created wallpaper that uses light and relief to create images and patterns. The project, called Ecco Luce, incorporates light-emitting diodes (LEDs) into panels of this unique "wallpaper." The LEDs may be dimmed or switched off entirely, leaving the impression of an entirely ordinary wall. In some projects, like Samson's incredible installation in a train station, the lights are programmed independently to create lively animations. The panels may cover entire rooms or be placed creatively to serve more as art pieces than as traditional wallpaper.

In addition to the train station, Ecco Luce has been used impressively in the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, at the University of Twente (where Samson studied), and by the Boxfresh bakery. Only custom panels are available, with no two ever made the same.

Hand-Painted Theme Wallpaper

For uniquely crazy wallpaper, try hand-painted designs. Unlike murals, which are painted in situ, hand-painted wallpapers can be created in a studio, then applied as regular wallpaper. This method has been used in countless diverse applications such as themed kids' rooms and elaborate natural scenes — the possibilities are endless. Check out this collection of hand-painted Dr. Seuss wallpaper.

Whether you want to spring for a light-up designer wall covering or are in the market for creative designs on a more traditional medium, bold wallpapers are in style. Add interest to your space, the more unique, the better!

Photo credit: Flickr.


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