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4 Ways to Index a Site Faster with Google Bots

December 21, 2013 IADT General, Internet Marketing 0 Comments

4 Ways to Index a Site Faster with Google BotsIf you are learning about web development, it's important to know about "Google bots." This is Google software that searches the Internet for new, quality content and places the information in Google's directory. Google is still the main search engine people use to find information. If a site isn't indexed or listed in Google's directory, it's hard to bring traffic to it. So the faster Google bot finds a site and indexes it, the faster the intended audience can view your content.

Google Bots and Site Indexing

Google bots work by using a private (some say secret) algorithm that combs links and pages to decide whether information is worth listing in its directory. It can take just a few hours or up to a week for Google bot to index a site. But there are steps you can take to speed up the process. Here are four of the best ways to help Google bot find and index a new website.

1. Create an XML Site Map and List with Google's Webmaster

Google bot finds pages through a site's XML site map, which is a standardized way of listing and ordering pages on a site that both Google bot and a person can read. XML site maps are simple to create. Hosting sites and website software can automatically create XML site maps.

You can make it easier for Google bot to find and index a site by listing both the site map and site address directly with Google, via Google Webmaster Tools. Google Analytics allows you to track a site's traffic.

2. Limit Robot.txt on Your Site

If you're developing a new site, or working with someone who is, make sure you limit "robot.txt" codes. These tell Google bot to ignore parts of a site or a certain page. If Google crawls a site and determines the percentage of robot.txt codes is too high, it will delay the time it takes for the site to be indexed in its directory or deem the page, or even site, as too low quality to index.

3. Do Use Google+

Let's face it, if you're trying to get Google bot to index a site faster, interacting with Google's social media is a good thing. Sign up for a Google+ account if you don't already have one and list a link to your site there. This speeds up the indexing process and it's a simple step to take.

4. Set-up Canonical Pages

A "canonical page" is an internal page on a site that notifies Google bot how best to index a site according to how your site's pages are linked together. This can be a technical step at first. Work with an experienced developer, or use tools such as plug-ins to help you with this step. Making sure canonical pages reflect actual links in a site will speed up the indexing process.

These steps might seem like a lot of work, but they're worth it. By making these steps a habit, you'll ensure Google bot will not only index a new site faster, but that the intended audience will find it faster in search results.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons.


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