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What Went Wrong: How to Recover From a Bad Interview

December 14, 2012 Gina M. Castilleja IADT General, Career Tips & Resources, IADT Alumni 1 Comments

Have you ever been on one of those job interviews that just didn’t go as well as you’d hoped? Gina M. Castilleja, Campus Director of Career Services at IADT-San Antonio, shares these tips on how to get back on track.

First, take into consideration the idea that you may have done very well. Our nerves can cause us to overanalyze the answers we gave during an interview.

Let’s also not forget that many interviewers believe they need to keep a poker face in order to conduct a professional interview. This is not only inaccurate, but silly. Some potential employers also are going on interview burnout by the time you meet with them. You may be the eighth interview they have had that day. Toward the end of an all-day interview marathon, it is not always easy to stay focused on the answers being provided. Do not take this personally.

Use your thank-you email as a gateway to come back from some of your pitfalls. It has to be sent the next morning. Take time to learn from the situation. Make a list of what you think went well and where you fell short. What would you do different?

In your thank-you email, after thanking the interviewer for taking time to meet with you,  target two questions you think killed the interview and tell them you wanted to clarify your answer. Do not annoy them by sending a novel.

Maybe you struggled through the interview because the job is not right for you. Don’t force a square into a circle. If you are not a good fit for the company, then they are not a good fit for you either.


Marcus laughy December 15, 2012 at 12:56 PM

Great advice!

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