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Why Digital Media Production Students Need to Keep Up with New Technology

December 10, 2012 IADT General, IADT Detroit, Digital Media Production 0 Comments

Digital Media Production TechnologyDigital media production professionals create media ranging from radio broadcasts to Web content. It can be challenging to keep up with the wide variety of technology involved in this changing industry, but the field wouldn’t grow without technology updates. As future professionals, students should develop the habit of keeping up with technology while still in school so they can remain industry-current. Learn the values of knowing the latest on your field’s technology.

Audio Media

Radio has been around since the late 1890s, so you can imagine the changes it has undergone to keep up with more recent technologies. The industry could easily die out without these updates. Students need to know the details of digital microphones, mobile platforms and automated systems so they can help the industry continue to evolve.

Visual Media

A broader field than radio, film and TV broadcasting covers a significant amount of digital media. Visual media producers need to stay updated on the latest programming platforms, multiplexing, and digital frequencies. Professionals can also be involved in video recording, so they need to know how to use quality, industry-current recording equipment to create effective media.

Web Media

Web technology updates can be overwhelming, as the Internet is the largest source of media. While it’s nearly impossible to know about all the current Web technologies, media production students can stay updated on the most popular ones. You can prepare if you develop a working base knowledge of blogs, online videos and radio, RSS feeds, and Web interaction. By staying involved in digital media technology as a student, you can develop habits that translate into skills.


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