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What's New for Xbox 360

December 14, 2011 0 Comments

To keep up with the competition, Microsoft is always working on the next innovation for its hugely popular gaming console, the Xbox 360. Here is a brief overview of what’s new for the Xbox franchise.


Although it’s been out since late 2010, the Xbox Kinect motion sensor remains one of the hottest advances in Xbox 360 technology. Some of the new and upcoming Kinect features include:

  • Voice controls, which will allow you to open games, music, and other media without your controller.
  • Kinect Fun Labs, a dashboard that allows you to explore new Xbox gadgets. You can scan and manipulate objects and create your own avatar in Kinect Fun Labs.
  • Twist Control, a redesigned dashboard that should be released sometime next year. It will allow you to view and click through channels at the top of the dashboard, making it a more accessible interface. Cloud storage will also be included, as well as enhanced Facebook and other social connection features.

Split-Screen Sports

Xbox Live, the console’s online gaming subscription service, will soon allow users with an Xbox Live gold membership to watch two ESPN shows at once using its new split-screen feature. The split-screen will allow extreme viewing flexibility: users can stream two live games, a mix of live and recorded games, and even rewind and fast-forward on one screen while watching a game on the other.

3D Capability

There are rumors that a 3D update for the Xbox 360 dashboard will be issued to enable the function of upcoming 3D games.

Xbox 720

Xbox is developing a new console, known throughout the gaming community as the Xbox 720. The projected release date of the system is sometime between 2012 and 2015.

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