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What's New for Playstation

December 29, 2011 IADT Las Vegas, Game Design and Production, IADT General 0 Comments

Sony’s PlayStation brand has been a huge competitor in the gaming market since its arrival, and the PlayStation 3 remains a leading console. Find out what’s making the news for the PS3.

Price Cut

The biggest news for PlayStation is the recent price cut of the PlayStation 3, which occurred in the middle of August 2011. The average price of a PS3 console changed from $299 for a 160GB unit to $249, while the 320GB unit dropped from $349 to $299. Here are some of the implications of the price cut.

  • Puts pressure on Microsoft in particular to cut the price of its Xbox 360 console
  • Higher sales for the 2011 holiday season are projected, and will probably exceed those of the Xbox 360
  • Increases the PS3’s market size and can attract a wider audience of more casual gamers

The PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is Sony’s next handheld gaming device, and it’s expected to be released within the next year. The features of the PlayStation Vita include:

  • 5” OLED touchscreen front display
  • Rear touchpad
  • Dual analog sticks
  • Microphone and stereo speakers
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Chat feature
  • Wi-Fi
  • 3G and non-3G version
  • Built-in GPS on the 3G version
  • Motion sensor

3D Technology

In the past two years, Sony has developed a range of 3D products. They have released TVs using stereoscopic 3D technology as well as 3D glasses and game display capabilities. If you upgrade your PS3 console and get the right equipment, you can play games in 3D. Over thirty 3D games have been released for the PS3 and more titles are on the way.

PlayStation 4

A new console, known as the PlayStation 4, is rumored to appear within the next couple of years. It’s still unclear how the PS4 will improve upon the PS3’s features, and the projected release date is unknown.

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