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10 Best Smartphone Apps for Fashion Designers

December 14, 2011 IADT Detroit, Fashion Design 0 Comments

Whether you’re picking out an outfit or browsing the latest fashion news, there are plenty of great smartphone apps that can help you manage your daily fashion design tasks. Here are the top ten smartphone apps for fashion designers.

  1. Stylebook allows you to upload pictures of your garments so you can plan and track the outfits you wear. You can even mix, match, resize, and drag items across the screen to see how your outfits look.
  2. WhoWhatWear reports daily on the latest fashion trends. Access fashion tips, celebrity photos, and breaking news on this app.
  3. Shopstyle: Mobile collects hundreds of popular websites and allows you to search for garments by browsing categories or using keywords. Size, color, brand, and style are just a few ways to filter the results.
  4. Lustr Fashion Finder helps you figure out what’s happening in the fashion community. But this is not simply a news site—the app tells you about ongoing and future sales and events in your area.
  5. Glamour’s Ask a Stylist lets you upload a photo of an outfit and get feedback from a staff stylist. You can choose your stylist based on their brief bio descriptions.
  6. Using Style.com, you can browse major collections from the past couple of years. The app also sends you photo and video updates of recent fashion show designs.
  7. Ralph Lauren’s app lets you explore highlights and behind-the-scenes footage from the runway. Watch interviews and browse the collections as well.
  8. Need shoes to complete your latest outfit design? iShoes is the app you need. Browse thousands of pairs and locate the nearest in-store and online retailers.
  9. On Diane Von Furstenburg’s app, you can view her collection, locate stores, and access exclusive items. You can also purchase pieces online through the app.
  10. Lucky at Your Service is Lucky Magazine’s app, and it’s designed to help you locate that piece you’ve been searching all over for. In certain areas, the app can tell you the nearest store that carries the item you want. Staff members at Lucky can even call the store to see if it’s in stock and reserve it for pick-up.
  11. If you want to keep up on the latest blogs, use Chicfeed, which compiles photos of new trends from popular fashion sites.

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