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What is Interactive Design and How is it Used in Digital Media Production?

November 8, 2011 IADT Tampa, IADT General, Digital Media Production 0 Comments

Traditionally, designing and advertising have been thought of as one-way forms of communication. The advertiser or designer presents a concept or idea. Then, the audience’s only option is to consume this concept or idea. They have no way of interacting with the design. Basically, the form and function of the design is the same regardless of who interacts with it.

Interactive design turns this concept of one-way interaction on its head. Through interactive design, the audience and the design engage in a form of open dialogue. The audience actually takes an active role in the design process. In essence, they are just as critical to the design’s overall outcome as the designer.

Interactive Design’s Role in Digital Media Production

Digital media production refers to the creation, production and distribution of video, audio and electronic media. In an ever-expanding world of technological advancements, this can be a broadly defined field. For example, some areas that a person may study in a digital media production program include the design and production of:

  • Computer applications
  • Smartphone interfaces
  • Websites
  • Television programs and movies
  • Animation
  • Video Games

Today’s electronic media use an array of interfaces, applications and social media platforms to interact with the audience. In terms of digital media production, the goal of interactive design is to take advantage of the opportunities that these advancements in technology offer. The overall aim is to create a unique and engaging experience between the design and the audience.

Of course in order to create this experience, the design needs to also be aesthetically pleasing. This is where new-age media and traditional design concepts blend together. In addition to considering the role of this new-media interactivity, designers need to incorporate traditional design fundamentals. Ideas such as spacing, layout and contrast all contribute to creating an appealing and enticing design.

If you find these concepts of interactive design and digital media production exciting, enroll in a digital media production program at a school near you.

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