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  • Sell More with Your Headlines

    January 6, 2011 IADT Tampa 0 Comments

    Copywriters will tell you that the most important thing they write for any advertisement is its headline. Because the headline is the only copy many people will actually read, the best way to improve your ad is to strengthen the heading. Continue...

  • How to Get Noticed by a Record Label

    January 6, 2011 IADT Tampa, Audio Production, IADT General 0 Comments

    If you'e a musician, you probably have a dream of being signed by a record label. Unfortunately, you'e probably discovered that you'e not alone. In order to actually get noticed by a record company, you have to set yourself apart from thousands of other artists who hold your same dream. Continue...

  • What's the Difference Between HD and Satellite Radio?

    January 6, 2011 IADT Tampa, Audio Production, IADT General 0 Comments

    Tired of the same five old fuzzy radio stations on the way to work every day? The good news is that you now have two alternatives: HD (high definition) and satellite radio. The bad news is that you may have had no idea there was even a difference between the two. Continue...

  • Basic Interior Design Concepts Can Get Your Design Credibility Moving

    January 6, 2011 IADT Tampa, Interior Design 0 Comments

    The way many individuals talk about their homes or offices, it’s as if a rabbi, priest, genie or shaman has visited them and blessed their personal spaces somehow magically with "good energy" in the form of interior design. These people can’t really tell you why their newly designed interiors are so much better than the way they used to look, but oftentimes their new interior spaces do in fact feel better and look better in often inexplicable ways. You can usually thank a trained interior designer for this achievement. Continue...

  • Digital Photography Tips and Tricks

    January 6, 2011 IADT Tampa, Photography 0 Comments

    Welcome to the 21st century, when taking a picture is easier than ever. In today's digital world, cameras give people instant gratification. Ten years ago, digital camera technology was still being developed and people had to take film to a store for their photos to be developed. Here is a short guide to operating your digital camera while taking quality photographs. Continue...

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