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Web Design and Development: What is Backend Design?

August 22, 2013 Web Design and Development, IADT General 0 Comments

What Is Backend DesignInterested in backend design?

If you don’t know what backend design is, then it may be hard for you to answer this question. In this post, we outline what a backend designer is responsible for – and what courses you should enroll in at IADT to improve your backend design skills.

What is backend design?

The backend refers to the part of the website that you cannot see. It is the backend that supports the user interface, allowing you to work with the frontend design. The backend also collects and remembers user information – allowing you to create an account on a site and return to it at a later date, without having to re-enter your information.

According to Josh Long, writer and editor for the Treehouse Blog, the backend usually consists of three parts: a server, an application and a database. These three parts work together to store your information.

Backend designers must be familiar with languages such as PHP, Ruby and Python. They can also work with frameworks like Cake PHP and Code Igniter. They must know how to use these frameworks to enhance the backend design to make it faster and easier to collaborate on.

A backend designer must be able to:

  • Build databases and infrastructures that support websites and applications
  • Participate in project definition, UX and design phases
  • Study new backend development languages, methods and technology
  • Understand frontend design
  • Connect backend design with frontend design

Backend designers can also benefit from good communication and interpersonal skills. They are often required to build websites for clients – and must be able to understand what their clients want and how to construct a website accordingly.

What courses do I need?

IADT offers you a unique opportunity to pursue courses that emphasis design and technology. After enrolling as a Web Design and Development student, you may want to talk to your advisor about these courses:

  • Web Design Fundamentals
  • Programming for the Internet
  • Programming Concepts
  • Open Source Systems
  • Advanced Server-Side Technology
  • Database and Dynamic Web Design
  • Web Application Security

These courses may allow you to develop the necessary skillset for frontend design. For more recommendations on courses for frontend design, talk to your Web Design and Development program advisor.


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