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How The Immigration Bill Can Impact The Web & Tech Industry

August 5, 2013 IADT General, Web Design and Development 0 Comments

Immigration And The Web And Tech IndustryHave you been following the reform?

If the answer is no, then now is the time to catch up on what’s been going on in the Senate this summer. The Immigration Reform Bill was passed in late June – after much debate. The final count was 68 to 32, reports Elsie Foley of The Huffington Post. The bill was voted down by many Republicans, who say that certain aspects of the bill cannot be put into law. The Immigration Bill is still being discussed and has yet to be passed by the House of Representatives.

Yet, there are some parts of the bill that have been settled and are ready to be implemented – and when they are, they will have a major impact on the technology industry. Read our rundown of the Immigration Reform Bill and learn how it can impact your future in this industry:

The Highlights

Foley notes that the major aspects of the bill include:

  • Increases in border security
  • Mandate businesses use E-Verify to prevent hiring unauthorized workers
  • Constructs a 700-mile border fence
  • Creates an entry-exit system to track whether foreign nationals are overstaying their visas

The bill would prevent any undocumented immigrant from obtaining green card status until the government deployed 20,000 additional border agents. Though there would be initial expenses – such as the construction of the fence – advocates for the bill estimate it can lower the country’s deficit by nearly $900 billion.

How It Can Impact You

The bill provides important compromises for all parties involved. It is meant to expand opportunities for foreign workers as well as protect the rights of US citizens.

However, one industry seems to have all the loopholes necessary for escaping these compromises. According to Dave Jamieson of The Huffington Post, the Immigration Reform Bill “does include labor-backed protections pertaining to the tech sector, but experts say those provisions were largely undone by loopholes added through amendments backed by Silicon Valley.” Unlike other industries, tech companies will be able to expand their visa programs without making any concessions.

The original Immigration Reform Bill prohibited companies from having more than 50 percent of their workforce on a visa. However, since amendments have been added to the bill and the loopholes already exist in Silicon Valley, it will be easy for tech companies to side-step these requirements. One provision in particular can allow companies to label their workers with visas as “intending immigrants” if they file for green cards. Jamieson notes that this can allow tech industries to hire more visa workers, but that this provision is “not enjoyed by other industries that employ high numbers of guest workers, like agriculture and hospitality.”

Tech companies may be more inclined to these loopholes because it will save them money – hiring immigrants on visas allows the companies to bring in skilled laborers for lower wages. Neeraj Gupta, CEO of Systems in Motion, told Jamieson: “My grief lies with the fact that we are taking away positions that cannot be offshored – local work – that is being given to workers from outside.”

For working Americans in the tech industry, this may be bad news.

What You Can Do About It

Earning a degree in Web Design and Development is more important than ever before.

Today’s tech industry is highly competitive. If the bill passes the House and becomes law, competition may increase. By earning a post-secondary degree, you can demonstrate your commitment to the industry and expand your skillset.

By attending a school like IADT, you also have the opportunity to learn from instructors who have experienced the industry firsthand. Many of the instructors at IADT have worked for years in Web Design and Development. Attending school allows you to network with these professionals – and learn important tips on navigating the workplace as it continues to change and evolve.

Talk to an advisor at IADT today about enrolling in Web Design and Development courses. If this is your passion, you must pursue it.


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