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Designing For Corporations: How To Keep Colors Consistent

August 27, 2013 IADT General, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Designing For CorporationsYou’ve got to keep it consistent.

When it comes to designing for corporations, that’s the cardinal rule. As a student of Graphic Design, it is important for you to learn how to design for corporations and keep your designs consistent for commercial use. Learning that skill now can improve your relationships with clients later, after you’ve completed your degree program.

Begin learning these important skills today:

The Impact of Color

Companies establish standard color schemes to represent their brand. They use these colors consistently in marketing materials, logos and other company products. Therefore, color choices are critical to the branding of a company – even online.

Web designer and blogger Steven Snell argues that color consistency is especially impactful when creating graphics for a company’s website or online campaign. Using consistent colors in your designs allows a company’s online presence to feel familiar to its clients. Snell says, “The branding is usually more effective if the company’s website has a similar feel to that of the physical stores and the identity that the company has developed over time.”

Color is a large part of that identity. In fact, it is one of the most significant factors as it impacts the overall branding of a company. Staying true to the company’s color scheme means staying true to the company’s identity. In this way, you can continue to build on the company’s image – and appeal to loyal customers.

Consider All the Aspects

Staying consistent to color requires you to consider all the other aspects of your design as well – including the company’s logo, the typography you use and any other imagery you include in your design.

Remember that it is important to create graphics that blend into current campaigns and marketing materials. You might think that it is more difficult to take all of these aspects into consideration – but if you start practicing now as a student, you can master the technique. Marketing assistant Kathryn Drake suggests beginning the process by starting with these tips for what to consider as you design:

  • Use the company’s logo for inspiration
  • Select typography that has been used by the company before or is similar to previous selections
  • Choose a Web-safe font that is similar to the typography being used for printed materials
  • Establish a theme, consistent with the company’s brand, for selecting images
  • Consider the company’s customer personas when selecting images

Edit Your Designs

Editing can be challenging, especially after you’ve worked on a design for a long time and are proud of your work. Remember that changing parts of your design does not necessarily mean that it was a bad design – it just means that it wasn’t the right design for the company’s brand. There is no reason to use anything that is inconsistent with a company’s brand.

After you’ve completed your design, take some time away from it. Then, revisit your work before the submission deadline. Taking this space from your work can allow you to reevaluate your design choices and edit the final product – without feeling too attached or offensive about your choices.

When editing, ask yourself:

  • Would this graphic stick out among other graphics designed for the company?
  • Did I use updated materials, approved by the company?
  • If I didn’t know who this ad was for, could I guess based on the branding?

Editing is an important final step when creating a design for a corporation. Learn more about commercial design and how you can pursue this interest at IADT. Talk to an Admissions representative about our Graphic Design degree program today.


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