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Game Production: The Latest On Google’s Gaming Console

August 8, 2013 IADT General, Game Design and Production 0 Comments

The Latest On GoogleGoogle announced earlier this summer that it would be developing a videogame console – marking the next phase in the Google-Apple war.

The company has been competing with Apple to release better smartphones, tablets and other devices. Google currently powers more devices than its competitor. When it was released in 2008, it powered 75 percent of all smartphones and 57 percent of tablets.

Follow the technology war as the two companies enter into the gaming industry and decide for yourself: will you be a Google gamer?

The Latest Rumors

According to reporters Amir Efrati of The Wall Street Journal and Don Resinger of Slash Gear, the latest rumors around the console include:

  • Might run on Android platform
  • May be released as early as this fall
  • Google hopes to design and market the device itself
  • Might come with complete access to the games currently available in the Google Play marketplace
  • May be a response to rumors Apple is also developing a gaming console
  • Google has been tracking the success of Ouya Inc., a company that is already selling an Android-based console and game controller

Resinger is a firm believer in the success of the Google gaming console. He argues that the device could be more marketable in overseas markets – especially China and Japan – than comparable gaming consoles. He says, “A Google console could pick up the gamers in countries around the world that don’t want to invest in an Xbox for one reason or another. In some cases, it’ll be because of Android.”

The Android marketplace has been successful among casual gamers. It remains more accessible and popular than the Apple Store. If Google offers gamers the opportunity to transition easily from their smartphones to at-home gaming, then the company has a chance to draw in the majority of their current audience.

Not everyone believes Google should enter the gaming world, however. John C. Dvorak of PC Mag argues that both Google and Apple should stay out of the gaming industry.

Dvorak argues that the announcement was made simply to threaten Apple. He advises both Google and Apple to “do the logical thing” and focus on turning their tablets into gaming consoles. He believes that focusing time and money on the development of smartphones and tables will be dramatically more profitable for the companies.

What do you think? Does Google have a chance to win over audiences? Or, should the company stay out of the gaming industry all together?


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