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Animation Technology: Using Animation In Various Industries

August 30, 2013 IADT General 0 Comments

Using Animation In Various IndustriesAnimation is expanding.

It is no longer reserved for children’s programs and film. You can now use Animation Technology in a variety of industries. It has been adapted for a variety of purposes – and has become very popular in the business industry.

Find out how it’s being implemented and what that means for you as an Animation Technology student:

How can you use animation in various industries?

Animators are using their skills in marketing to create presentations, websites and videos for corporations.

Unlike more traditional methods for communicating and constructing these marketing tools, animation entices and holds the interest of its audience. According to Munzer Alkurdi of Empower Network, spectators of 3D animation in marketing are more likely to keep the images in mind after they are done viewing. Animation can have a larger impact on consumers – and business clients – than traditional methods. This might be because animation feels more interactive to viewers. As an animation technician, you can construct graphics that have interactive characteristics to pull in consumers or clients.

Animation also has the potential to “perk up” company brands and marketing campaigns, argues Alkurdi. It stands out in comparison to other campaigns and provides an edge over your competition.

There are other industries animators are working in, including:

  • Engineering and Architecture: Animations are used to show engineers and architects the multiple viewpoints of a construction. They’re similarly used in the sciences and mathematics industry.
  • Medical: Animations allow doctors to see various aspects of the human body and how they work, in motion.
  • Business: They’re generally used to create documentaries, movies, cartoons and television commercials.

Professionals in the animation industry believe that the future for animation is multifaceted and promising. Enoc Castaneda of True Light Media says, “The future of animation is promising but in a state of flux, especially for animation companies and animators in North America. The good news is that over the last few years there has been an increasing number of content delivery platforms and with that an increasing need for a variety of animated content.”

If you are interested in working with animation in an alternative industry, consider using your elective courses to focus on specific industry needs. Talk to an advisor today about how to do this at IADT.


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