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4 Tips For Following Fashion Week

August 20, 2013 Fashion Design and Merchandising, IADT General 0 Comments

Tips For Following Fashion WeekFashion Week may be one of the most important events for Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising students.

Though you may not be able to attend the shows in person, you can stay up-to-date on the week-long event online. There are so many resources available – but don’t feel overwhelmed. To make it easier to navigate, we have collected our favorite social media resources for following New York’s Fashion Week. Check them out here:

1. Instagram

Designers, bloggers and fashion reporters utilize their smartphones to photograph behind stage and runway activity throughout the week. Lauren Indvik of Mashable.com recommends searching for some of the users below. We recommend adding them to your Instagram follower list at least a few weeks before Fashion Week begins (as they may include teaser photos of what to expect on the runway):

  • oscarprgirl: Director of Communications Erika Bearman posts photos of Oscar de la Renta and his team working on the season’s collection.
  • katespadeny: Photos of Kate Spade’s preparations in New York for her collection.
  • herveledger: Find sneak peak posts, including shots of inspiration boards, backstage prep and runway looks.
  • Proenzaschouler: Schouler posts many candid photos, including shots of models and the prep process.

2. Twitter

Twitter has also become a great source for play-by-play accounts of the action. Stephanie Rosenblook of New York Times reports that it is the only way to be everywhere during the event. You can either follow certain accounts individually or track hashtags such as #nyfw.

Check out these official Twitter accounts, suggested by Corinne Garcia of Halogen and Indvik:

  • @LindaLoudermilk: an innovative designer who uses unconventional materials in her design.
  • @CathyHorynNYT: New York Times critic who colorful comments on the shows
  • @elvainadine: WSJ multimedia producer and reporter posts shots directly from the runway
  • @evachen212: Teen Vogue’s beauty director tweets backstage photos and makeup advice

You can also follow the official accounts for New York Fashion Week and IMG’s official account for Fashion Week.

3. Tumblr

In past years, Tumblr has sent staff blggers to chronicle Fashion Week. There are also fashion tumblrs you can follow, such as:

  • WWD: Known for uploading runway footage first, as well as backstage and celebrity footage.
  • dknyprgirl: Get sneak peeks of show invitation requests, show preparations and other behind the scenes events.
  • From Me to You: Posts from Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of their work backstage.

4. Blogs about the Runway

To find reviews, news coverage and editorials on Fashion Week, try these blogs:

  • The Cut: Recommended by Emily Hamlin Smith of The Plain Dealer, The Cut features runway videos, photos and backstage interviews – that often focus on designers’ inspiration and personal looks at their collections.
  • New York Time’s Runway blog: this blog features extensive photo galleries, reviews by industry critiques and looks at the runway trends.
  • Heard on the Runway: Coverage and slideshows presented by WSJ.
  • Vogue.com: a finely edited account of designs, trends and the after-parties.

If you still can’t get enough of the runway, you may find live videos from Fashion Week on YouTube. You may also want to check the websites of your favorite designers and brands to see exclusive material from their collections.


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