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Tips for Recording Video on Your Phone

August 1, 2012 IADT General, IADT Online, Video and Animation Production 0 Comments

Videos from a PhoneWith the capabilities of today’s cell phones, video recording on phones has become popular. Despite the poor quality of many phone video recorders, these phone recording devices are still handy and fun. If you want to make use of your phone’s video capabilities, keep in mind that video quality can be improved by the user. Consider some of our tips for improving the video recording on your phone.

It’s all about the lighting.

When it comes to video recording of any kind, lighting is the key. With the lower quality of cell phone video recorders, it’s important to pay attention to your scene’s lighting. To be safe, shoot video outside where there is natural light. This allows for the best color quality, as long as you stay out of direct light.

If you need to record video on your phone inside, shoot in a well-lit area. The white-balance and brightness adjustments on phone cameras do better when there is plenty of light.

Steady, now…

As with all video recorders, hold your phone as still as possible when taking videos. Also consider purchasing a tripod with a phone attachment. If you want to save money, create your own tripod by setting your elbows on a still surface or bracing your arms against your body while recording. It’s easy to have shaky videos when shooting from a phone because the device is small, and the low bit-rate of phone videos makes shakiness especially distracting. Find a way to keep those arms and hands still.

Can you hear me now?

Remember, most phone microphones are made for telephone purposes. That means they are much less capable of picking up far-away or quiet noises than other video recording devices. Try to record in a quiet place so there is less feedback or distracting background noise in your video. You can also purchase an enhanced microphone to use when recording with your phone.

If you try these video recording tips on your phone and aren’t satisfied, consider upgrading your phone. Some phones are made with better recording capabilities. Recording on one of these phones can produce high-quality, satisfying videos.


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