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Why You Need a Project Charter in Web Design

August 16, 2012 IADT Detroit, IADT General, Web Design and Development 0 Comments

Web project and ManagementDesigning a website is a large and daunting task. Much goes into a successful website, but before all the work is started, you must first develop a strong project charter.

What is It?

A project charter is a succinct statement of goals, values and strategies for a project. It is designed to keep you on track and moving in the right direction. Ideally, the charter should define the content scope, budget, schedule and technical aspects of the project.

Benefits and Purpose

A project charter is a road map that is supposed to keep you focused throughout your project. It allows you to periodically and continuously assess the effectiveness of the project in accordance with the charter. Most importantly, it helps avoid scope creep.

Scope Creep

Scope creep is the process by which unplanned information is slowly added to a website. Taken individually these additions are not a problem, but the tendency is for these additions to pile up until there is too much information on the site.

With a project charter, it is easier to regulate what information you want included. By sticking with the project charter, you can avoid the steady addition of unplanned information. One particular strategy is to specify a maximum page count in the charter.

Web development can be a complicated job. With so much involved, it is easy to lose track of where you wanted the website to go and for it to evolve into something you never intended.

With a project charter, you can ensure that before development even starts you have goals and outcomes outlined, so throughout the course of development you have something to refer to in order to stay on schedule.


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