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The Top 4 Ways to Keep Up with the Latest Fashion Trends

August 23, 2012 IADT Chicago, IADT General, Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Merchandising 0 Comments

Fashion Trends in DesignFashion merchandising is a lucrative and lively industry. With so much changing so quickly, it can be difficult to stay current, and if you are going into fashion merchandising, you want to be as up to date on the latest fashion news as possible. In order to keep up with the latest trends, you have to do some work and research.

High Street

One of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping up with fashion trends is walking your local high street – the big shopping and business streets or districts. The fashion merchandising industry caters to those on high streets across the globe, trusting that the people going out and spending time in these public places are looking their best. Pay attention to what people are wearing and take a lesson from them.

Fashion Magazines

From Vogue to GQ, there are plenty of fashion magazines on the circuit to flip through for fashion advice and information. Subscribe to one or two and skim each new issue diligently. Fashion writers are the best at showcasing latest fashion trends and more importantly, predicting future fashion trends.

Copying Others

The way models wear the latest clothes is not always how you should wear them. When in public, pay attention to people of the same build and age as you; it can give you a good idea of what clothing could look like on you and also tip you off to how people similar to you are outfitting their wardrobes.

Attend Shows

Attending big shows in Paris and Milan is difficult; however, local brands and stores often have their own small fashion shows. These can be much more affordable and can give you a good sense of what the locals wear. It also gives you the opportunity to talk to traders and other people fluent in the fashion merchandising industry.

The mutability of fashion can make it difficult to keep up, but with the right practices and effort you can stay ahead of the crowds and stay current in fashion merchandising.


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