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When Can You Go Crazy With Your Graphic Design Page Layout?

August 15, 2012 IADT General, IADT Sacramento, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Graphic Design InfographicWeb designers have been warned over and over to stay simple with their designs, and following trends is usually the safe route to designing a successful layout or website. But recent website styles are allowing designers to be more creative. In fact, creativity is the new trend. Follow our tips to create designs that show off your creativity without overwhelming your audience.

Many of the design changes you can make depend on your audience and the purpose of your site. If your site is strictly informational or requires formality, there should be a less dramatic change in your design approach. However, it’s still important to add originality to your site to keep your users coming back and enjoying their experiences. You can do the following things to creatively design a formal website:

  • Simplify the site. Don’t use more text than necessary, which can distract from other creative elements.
  • Add more color. If you get rid of some text, readers can enjoy the bright and contrasting colors that draw attention to your site.
  • Create infographics. Infographics aren’t simply fun pictures; they are informative and can be used to effectively explain formal procedures or concepts to an audience.

If your site is a blog, or if you are encouraged to show off your original design skills, consider these tips:

  • Real-life objects are effective. Users like to see paper clips, hand-drawn pictures, and scrapbooks. These images make them feel like they are interacting with the site as though it were tangible.
  • Change up your layout. Consider designing a blog so users can scroll through a list of posts horizontally instead of vertically. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
  • Use the capabilities of CSS. Try to create whole pages that look like tangible items, such as magazines or signs. Users can be encouraged to use your site as they would an everyday object.

As you try these new design tips, remember that originality is the focus. Users want to feel as though a site has been individualized for them. The more creativity and personalization you can put into your design, the better. Just keep in mind that simplicity is still important to the success of creativity.


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