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How to Design for the Market While Staying True to Yourself

August 14, 2012 IADT Sacramento, IADT General, Fashion Design 0 Comments

Fashion DesignerFashion designers know it’s important to design specifically for their market. Designers want their products to sell, and the market has to like the styles to buy them.

But fashion designers also like to stay loyal to themselves. They want their products to reflect their true designing style. This isn’t always in line with what the market is buying. So what is a fashion designer to do when their style conflicts with the market’s?

Change with the Times

Keep in mind that fashion is constantly changing. For a designer to survive these changes, he or she must go with the flow. Don’t expect one style or product to continue selling. Customers usually follow the trends of the market, not the trends of the brand.

Don’t Lose Yourself

You do have freedom to let your fashion designing style shine through. You can be yourself while changing with the market. As you develop your fashion design work, pick out a few qualities that most of your pieces share. Note these qualities and figure out how you can continue to use them in future designs while still adapting them to the current trends of the market.

Are you worried you will still stick with your own styles too much? Simplify the qualities you choose to keep. As long as there is a hint of consistency, your customers can still recognize your brand.

Now Try Something New

Once you’ve mastered the art of changing with the fashions while staying true to yourself, it’s time to take charge. You don’t have to simply follow the market’s trends to stay successful; you can create the market’s trends. Try designing something completely new. This is where your own style can be most useful and effective. If you create a successful new style for the market, you can become the brand to follow instead of being a slave to the market. You get to stay true to yourself by creating the market. What better success is there than your brand becoming the style to follow?


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