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Skills You Could Develop in a Cinema Production Program

August 28, 2012 IADT General, IADT Las Vegas, Cinema Production 0 Comments

Cinema ProductionThe cinema producer is one of the most involved positions in the film industry. This person is in charge of every aspect of the film’s production, from well before filming until after the film leaves the global stage.


During the development phase, the producer is in charge of either coming up with the underlying premise of the film or selecting the screenplay. He/she then must secure the rights for the movie, select the writing and editing teams, and raise financing for development.


Before the production of the film starts, the producer must select the director, cinematographer and production designer as well as other key production office personnel and heads of departments. He/she must also continue to assist with raising finances while approving location, studio hire, the script, production schedule and the final budget.


The main role of the producer during the production of the film is maintaining smooth day-to-day operations. He/she must be in constant communication with the director and creative personnel while approving any changes to the script or cost reports.

Post-Production and Marketing

After the movie is finished shooting, the producer serves as the liaison between the director and the post-production departments, which include editing, music and visual effects. His/her job continues after the movie premieres with communication with the distribution companies to market and distribute the film.

A cinema producer serves many roles, from businessman to negotiator to creative visionary. He/she must be able to:

  • Secure finances
  • Prepare and control production budget
  • Work well under pressure while motivating the team
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and codes of practice
  • Lead a team of accounting and creative personnel

A cinema producer needs to have strong organization, communication and leadership skills and be able to handle many responsibilities at once.


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