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The Benefits of Using an Intranet in Business

August 31, 2012 IADT General, IADT Seattle, Information Technology 0 Comments

Information Technology & IntranetIntranets - private Web-based networks for organizations - have become a popular way for businesses to communicate internally. Why are so many companies jumping at this new chance to connect their employees? Keep reading to learn some of the advantages a business can experience from using an intranet.


Primarily, an intranet encourages and even improves company communication. Many companies use intranets to conduct company-wide communication because they provide one common place of communication by which messages can consistently be delivered to all departments. Furthermore, if an intranet is connected to the company’s databases, all of the company’s shared information can be stored and accessed in one place.

Companies want their employees to enjoy work, and intranet communication can be one way to make work more gratifying. By sharing efficiently company-wide, employees remain connected. There can be less confusion because one consistent form of communication is used. Employees can take advantage of this tool to share ideas and information with each other in a reliable and fun way.


Through enhanced communication, the intranet can make way for innovation in a company. Many intranets provide means to post blogs and newsletters or create and join groups. These capabilities encourage employees to create content for the intranet and interact with each other. Not only does this improve communication, but it also encourages employees to be creative and interactive.

An intranet also can be used as a testing ground for new Web ideas and features. By publishing new Web features on the intranet, they can be tested by employees until they are ready to be launched to the public. This avoids the issue of waiting until a feature is publicly launched to find problems. Instead, feedback can be given by employees without risking any damage to the company’s public reputation.

As a bonus, intranets are extremely cost-efficient. The only extra costs needed to run an intranet is Web server software, and many of these options are free. The communication and innovation benefits an intranet provides a company, both internally and externally, can make the time and/or money investment well worth it.


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