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User Experience Designers: What Do They Do?

August 7, 2012 IADT General, IADT Orlando, Web Design and Development 0 Comments

User ExperienceThe word around the Web says that user design is the key to a successful website. Websites must be designed to be appealing, easy to use, and functional. The need for websites to have these qualities is so great that a new Web career has developed: user experience (UX) designing. It has recently become an important job for websites and companies to fill, but how is it any different from Web designing? What exactly does a user experience designer do?

User experience designers generally study how users interact with systems, computers, and websites. This includes analyzing users’ reactions to a system’s usability, utility, design, accessibility, performance, marketing, and ergonomics. A UX designer might ask the following questions:

  • How does the user feel about his interaction with the system?
  • Is the system easy for the user to access and utilize?
  • Does the website do what it’s supposed to for the user?
  • How can this system be improved for a better user experience?

To dig further into analyzing users’ experiences with a system, a UX designer would look at more specific components of the system. For example, the UX designer could examine the different elements of a website, such as fillable forms, infographics, or product purchasing.

UX design is different from Web design because it analyzes the designs of websites rather than creating the designs. Its ability to evaluate how users interact with systems has allowed it to become a vital part of Web design. Based on the evaluations made by UX designers, designers can improve their systems to better cater to their users’ needs and wants. Thanks to UX design, websites are becoming more user-friendly and thus successful.


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