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IADT Fashion Program Chair Previews Fashion Week San Antonio

August 5, 2011 IADT General, IADT San Antonio, Fashion Design 0 Comments

Fashion Week San AntonioFashion Week San Antonio is just around the corner!

From Sunday, October 9 – Saturday, October 15, fashion-filled events will grace the presence of stages and runways across the city. We are excited about this year’s fashion week, because we are truly involving the fashion community of San Antonio, and many designers, producers, hair and makeup artists and boutiques have the  opportunity to showcase their talents, products and designs.

Fashion Week San Antonio is a time for the up-and-coming designers, models and all fashion talent in San Antonio to cultivate the richness of the culture, style and fashion in San Antonio. This special week will truly provide a platform for these talented individuals to show what they have to offer in the realm of fashion to the rest of the community, and our hope is to expand the showcase to the whole southern region of the United States.

The Emerging Designer Fashion Show

I am most looking forward to the Emerging Designer Fashion Show that is going to be the headline show for Fashion Week San Antonio 2011. Although this is the third annual Fashion Week in the Alamo City, this is the first time that we will be having this particular show. The mission of the Emerging Designer Fashion Show is to offer a platform for aspiring designers living in San Antonio and surrounding areas to strut their designs down the runway and enhance awareness of their line, designs and fashions that they work so hard to create.

Fashion Week SA Making an Impact

Because of Fashion Week San Antonio and the many schools in the city that now offer fashion programs, San Antonio now has a fashion community – and it is one that is becoming more established each day. Ten years ago when I was in college, I was told that in order to make it in the fashion industry or in order to work in the fashion industry, you had to move to New York or Los Angeles. Now, that is not the case. We have so many people in San Antonio that have amazing talent in the fashion realm, and they are now able to showcase that through the platform of Fashion Week and actually are able to live out their dreams in our city.

How to Get Involved

Young designers can become involved in two ways: they can opt to have their own show during Fashion Week San Antonio. Interested candidates can apply to have an event at fashionweeksa.com, or they can audition to be featured in the new “Emerging Designer” fashion show that will be the headlining show during this year’s Fashion Week 2011. The auditions are taking place on Thursday, August 18, at Sunset Station from 6 – 8 p.m. The applications and rules and regulations for this show can be found on the website. Creative minds also can take part of Fashion Week by volunteering for events and shows. For the opportunity to partake in the behind-the-scenes action, email fgisanantonio@gmail.com.

For more details on all things Fashion Week, visit www.fashionweeksa.com.

- Cynthia Chapa, Chair, Fashion Design & Merchandising Program, IADT-San Antonio


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