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IADT-Orlando Students Get Hands-On TV Production Experience

August 24, 2011 IADT General, IADT Orlando, Digital Media Production 0 Comments

digital media production programWeekly local cable television show Hispanics SpeakOut TV has a reach of more than 30,000 homes, and it all starts on the campus of the International Academy of Design and Technology in Orlando. The show is taped there by students in IADT-Orlando’s digital media production program, giving them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in all three stages of production: pre-production, production and post-production.

Hispanics SpeakOut TV is an English-language broadcast aired as a community-news feature and has been broadcasting over Bright House Cable for 8 years. The show is produced by a not-for-profit organization, NHCA.

The IADT students, part of IADT’s Video Editing, Video Production, Internship, and Media Distribution classes, also get valuable experience working with real-world clients. By assessing the needs of the client, they learn to efficiently and effectively operate a multiple-camera television show.

The show has an interview format, and guests include prominent political leaders, educators, community activists and other important citizens of interest to the five-county area of Central Florida. Students are responsible for taping and editing the show, and therefore also have the chance to speak with the guest and make valuable connections within the community.

Following a deadline determined by the client, students are able to edit and export the show onto multiple formats and deliver the final product on schedule. Spanish Speakout is a continuing great opportunity for students to develop their digital media proficiencies and to add to the community at large.


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