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Adobe's 2009 Educators Summit

August 1, 2009 IADT Tampa 0 Comments

Paul Pelak's photo taken in Santa Fe New Mexico Recently, Paul Pelak, Digital Photography Chair at the Academy of Design & Technology in Tampa, was invited to participate alongwith (24) other top educational professionals from around NorthAmerica at the Adobe's 2009 Educators Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Photographer and author Julieanne Kost along with educational consultant Bob Rose hosted the week-long eventalong with some of Adobe's finest software engineers. The educators brought their own skill sets to the classroom each day for a full-week to push the newest versions of Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 through their paces. With the onset of Digital Asset Management becoming increasingly important in the field of digital photography, this highly regarded event was a welcomed tool given to all participants by this software giant. The event consisted of a complete schedule of activities designed to help professionals teach photography in the digital age with special emphasis onorganizing, developing, enhancing and presenting techniques developed by Adobe.

Photo taken by Paul PelakThe educators had a break from the classroom in the form of an afternoon photography session at Eaves Movie Ranch; it was originally created as theset for the 1969 movie "Cheyenne Social Club" with Jimmie Stewart and Henry Fonda and later became the backdrop for Kevin Costner's movies "Silverado" & "Wyatt Earp." With Paul's professional background coming from the advertising/lifestyle area, Photo of cowgirl by Paul Pelak and an emphasis on working with models, he was careful to set aside time to get to know each subject before his camera was picked up or an exposure made. The resulting images were captured on his Canon 5D; and with the graciousness of "Mamiya On Campus" professional Bill Gratton, the newest version of the Mamiya 645AFD-III and Profoto location lighting helped in creating his most memorable image of the session of Nancy, a working cowgirl, leaning on a vintage Chevy pick-up truck with a Santa Fe sky as a backdrop.

Cowgirl leaning on a vintage Chevy pick-up truck - photo by Paul Pelak

Not only were these photographers given the opportunity to work with the engineers and professionals that created the software used by pros and students alike; the networking and the sharing of ideas and teaching techniques exchanged by these educators made the time spent invaluable to the training of the next wave of digital professionals.


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