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How To Use Adobe Creative Suite For Graphic Design

April 10, 2013 IADT General, Graphic Design, IADT Detroit 0 Comments

How to Use Adobe Creative Suite for Graphic Design  ImageIf you’re an aspiring graphic design professional, knowing how to use Adobe Creative Suite products could be an essential step of training for your future. Many graphic designers complete all of their work in Adobe programs. Prepare for graphic design tasks by following these guidelines to the dominant products:


Adobe’s desktop publishing software, InDesign, might be your main tool as a graphic designer. Create layouts and designs for print or digital, small or large, tablets or desktops. You can also use InDesign to integrate much of the work you complete in the following programs.


If you do a lot of image editing, Photoshop is a necessary program for your collection. Retouch photos, combine images, create 3D graphics, and design videos with precision and efficiency. Then, import your edited images into InDesign to incorporate it into your graphic design work.


Finalizing of designs often happens in PDF formats, but you need Adobe Acrobat to help complete your work. Add bookmarks, set up routine finalizing tasks, and add auto-corrections before your latest graphic design is ready for publication.


While Web design might not be your main task at hand, graphic design plays an important role in webpage layouts. If you work in graphic design for the Web, you might be interested in this intuitive, WYSIWYG Web design software. Directly add your graphic designs to Web layouts by learning how Web designs are developed.


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