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How To Test The Success Of Your Web Design

April 17, 2013 IADT General, Web Design and Development, IADT Orlando 0 Comments

How To Measure Your Web DesignAfter a website goes live, the Web design and development process does not simply stop. There are edits to be made, graphics to add or delete, and new additions you haven’t thought of yet! All of this must be done based on the success of your current Web design. Read our measurement strategies to test the success of your Web design so you can continue serving your users in the best ways possible.


Paying attention to user conversions is a way to measure how many people take an action on your website. Based on the different levels of pages in the buying cycle, measure how many people are entering a competition, completing a survey, signing up for a newsletter, or sharing the site with friends. This technique not only allows you to see how effective your site is but also motivates you to bring in more conversions. It can reveal to you which conversion techniques aren’t working and how you could adjust them to reach your users.


Another statistical way of measuring your website’s success is through metrics. These measure the number of users who visit your site and show you whether you are gaining new users. Metrics can also reveal how your website is ranking in search engines. Use this information to adjust your optimization and the way you deliver information of interest to users.

If you use your website to sell products, you can use more complicated business metrics. By measuring your return on investment (ROI), business metrics show your website’s profit in comparison to how much money you invest in it. This gives you an idea of your financial success. This is in contrast to tracking conversions to study the more interactive aspects of your Web design. Keep in mind that ROI might be low at first and increase over time, while conversions might show a more accurate display of how users interact with your site.


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