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How IT Is Shaking Up The Retail World With Credit Card Apps

April 11, 2013 IADT Tampa, Information Technology, IADT General 0 Comments

IT and Retail - Mobile Credit Card AppsIf you’re a technology or retail enthusiast, you might have heard about credit card apps for mobile devices. This new information technology product is beneficial to businesses of all sizes, and it could be changing the retail industry permanently.

Scan Credit Cards from Mobile Devices

The main purpose of credit card apps is to allow mobile users to scan the credit card information of customers. Sellers ranging from individuals to large corporations are taking advantage of these products, allowing them to become more mobile. They can now sell products hassle-free from their homes, conferences, or out in public. Professionals can simply attach a dongle (a small piece of hardware) to their mobile phone or tablet, scan the customer’s card, and complete the transaction. Some apps don’t even require the dongle secure key to complete the scanning.

Send Customers Email

Most of the credit card apps are able to send customers email receipts after the transaction is complete. This reduces time spent on purchasing that was once used on waiting for receipts to print or cards to process.

Connect to Portable Printers

If your customer wishes to have a printed receipt – and many do – you can set up your credit card app to print receipts on a portable printer. Printing capabilities keep customers content in their familiar means of shopping.

Why This Matters

You’re thinking, “So what? There’s a cool new app out there, but why is it changing the retail world?” Credit card apps allow retail companies to go completely mobile, to the point of one person acting as an entire retail store. If retail workers allow customers to buy from them whenever and wherever, businesses could grow significantly. And it’s possible because of credit card apps that allow constant access to buying.


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