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How Cloud Computing Works

April 22, 2013 IADT General, IADT Chicago, Information Technology 0 Comments

What is cloud computing?You’ve probably uploaded a photo to Facebook or Flickr before, and that means you’ve used cloud computing. But do you know how cloud computing really works?

For the past several years, cloud computing has been growing in popularity. Individuals use it, but now even entire businesses have started working from “the cloud.” Find out why cloud computing has become such a big part of information technology.

Cloud Storage

By uploading a photo to Facebook, you’ve used cloud storage. This means that the photo file now resides on a remote server. These server farms, as they’re often called, are typically huge buildings that house many servers that store the data you upload. Sometimes multiple copies of your photo will be saved on different servers.

The appeal of cloud storage is that it protects your data in case anything happens to your own computer or files. The downside is that you can’t be sure where your online data is being stored and whether it’s really safe. If you use cloud computing, however, you have to trust the affiliated company that your information is safe.

Cloud Processing

Cloud computing is impressive technology because it can do much more than store your photos. Do you use a Web-based email account, such as Yahoo! or Gmail? Your email account operates through cloud computing.

On a larger scale, cloud computing can process information as well as store it. Remote computers can actually handle tasks such as running applications and programs. This is called the “back end” of cloud computing.

On the “front end” is the user, called a client, who works at a computer. But instead of the computer they work on handling the processing, the remote system is responsible for the work. The computer used by the client simple needs to run the interface software that allows it to connect with the remote system.

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