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5 Things Fashion Merchandisers Do to Prepare a Store for Spring

April 5, 2013 IADT General, IADT Sacramento, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Fashion Design 0 Comments

spring fashion merchandisingWith the onset of spring comes a whole new line of fresh, fun clothing and merchandise. Gone are the utilitarian products of winter that are designed to get you through the gray, cold months. Spring is about getting outside into the sun and having fun. Your retail merchandising should reflect the change with vibrant, funky ideas that will get customers excited to shop.

Color Outside the Lines

The colors of winter tend to be monochromatic and dull. Spring offers a whole new palette of fun shades. From the soft pastels of Easter to the vibrant hues of the early summer, don’t be afraid to splash it around. Spring is a time for shaking off the lethargy of winter. Wake everyone up with fun, unexpected color combinations.

Brighten the Windows

With the weather turning better and flowers blooming, you have to work to get people to stop paying attention to nature and look at your storefront. Dress your display windows with eye-catching colors. Create fun, inviting scenes with your mannequins, and of course, dress them in the latest spring fashions.

Add Intrigue to the Entryway

Thanks to warmer temperatures and milder weather, you don’t have to keep your merchandising cooped up inside. Feel free to dress the area around your entryway to match the interior of the store. Use natural or artificial plants to help lead customers to your doorway. Once they enter, make sure they are greeted with fun displays of the latest fashions and merchandise.

Green on the Outside, Green on the Inside

Bring the look of nature inside. Spring blooms are in full effect. Mirror this by using artificial flowers and trees in your displays. They can act as fun accent pieces or as the centerpiece of a large display. For extra fun, mix in some of your homemade artificial plants built from paper and cloth to add a kitschy, crafty vibe.

Host an Interdepartmental Mixer

If you are in a department store setting, create fun vignettes by mixing related merchandise from multiple departments. For instance, create a picnic scene with a grill, picnic table, plates, outdoor games and spring fashions. Let your imagination be your guide. From the opening day of baseball to college graduations, there are limitless spring inspirations.


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