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How to Use Mannequins Effectively

April 16, 2012 IADT Sacramento, Fashion Design and Merchandising 0 Comments

Fashion MannequinsMannequins have long been a staple in the retail industry. They allow shoppers to get a better idea of what garments look like when they’re worn. Retailers like mannequins because they can boost the visual appeal of their stores and catch potential customers’ eyes. The only trick, however, is that you have to know how to use mannequins if you want them to produce a positive effect.

Below are some useful fashion design and merchandising tips for coordinating mannequins in the best possible fashion.

Dress mannequins to fit with the current design theme. When you choose outfits to put on mannequins, you have to pick clothing that not only looks good but also fits the current season and the department’s atmosphere. If you use more than one mannequin in a certain spot, make sure the colors and style of their clothes complement each other.

Change their clothing and positions often. Leaving mannequins in the same clothes and positions for too long can bore your frequent customers. By changing your mannequins often, you can keep your store-layout attractive and attention-getting. You’ll also be able to market a greater variety of items.

Give them relevant poses. Be creative when you pose your mannequins, but keep the positions natural and appropriate for the clothing they’re wearing. Mannequins in formal attire, for example, should have more subdued gestures, while those wearing t-shirts and jeans can let loose a little more.

Make groups of mannequins interact. Mannequins are meant to remind us of ourselves and how we want to look while wearing certain items, so the more realistic they are, the better. When you put mannequins in groups, pose them using realistic body language to indicate connections.

Create a plan to put mannequins in the most effective places. Put mannequins in window displays and other highly visible areas, especially near walkways. If you want to increase sales in a certain department, place your mannequins there.

Keep the garments they’re wearing nearby. To shoppers, the most frustrating thing about mannequins is seeing them wear an item you have to have and discovering that it’s out of stock after combing the store. To prevent this problem, make sure your mannequins wear available items. Better yet, keep those garments on a rack nearby so that shoppers can find them easily.

Keep mannequins clean and neat. A mannequin that is dirty or damaged can hurt rather than boost sales. Dust mannequins regularly and clean them with a soft cloth or toothbrush. Carefully apply paint to cover up any scratches or marks that won’t come off.

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