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Top 5 Graphic Design Magazines

April 2, 2012 IADT Nashville, Graphic Design, IADT General 0 Comments

Graphic Design MagazinesWith many graphic design magazines available, it can be tricky to distinguish between the good ones and the not-so-good ones. But when you want to spur your creativity and keep up with current trends, having access to up-to-date, reliable information is essential.

As you grow as a designer, it’s important to keep your creative spontaneity while acquiring new ideas, techniques, and strategies. Many design publications that can help you are available online, but you don’t want to overlook these reputable print magazines.

Following is a list of the five best graphic design magazines:

  1. .net Magazine offers expert advice and covers everything that graphic designers need to know to improve their work.
  2. Graphic Design USA is an informative magazine that offers statistics on professional graphic designers in the United States. This publication is an essential tool that depicts current market scenarios in detail while providing an overview of the graphic design market.
  3. Computer Arts is a great resource when you need to brush up on your skills. It provides presentation tips and covers virtually every topic relating to graphic design courses.
  4. Print Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that covers general topics for graphic designers. It updates all new cultures and designs as they pertain to the industry.
  5. Communication Arts Magazine is arguably the world's largest creative publication. It showcases not only graphic design but also illustration techniques, photography, advertising and interactive design.

Graphic design publications offer techniques, resources, and other tips and suggestions that can help graphic designers improve their skills. Many also offer information on job openings and other career choices in the field. Ultimately, exploring a good graphic design publication can help you keep you ahead of the game and get an edge in the industry.

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