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Tips for Greener Graphic Designs

April 5, 2012 IADT Orlando, Graphic Design, IADT General 0 Comments

Recycle LogoDeciding to improve the sustainability of your graphic design work is a smart decision. Going green not only improves the environment we live in but also typically ends up saving business owners money.

Simple steps can be taken in every business operation to become greener. Going green as a company can also attract more clients, as they may be impressed by your efforts to reduce waste and make eco-friendly and responsible decisions.

Use Less, Reuse More

Deciding to use less means deciding to reuse as much as possible. If you are careful to use each material to its full potential, you can easily reduce the amount you use. Simple steps such as printing on both sides of the paper instead of a single side per page will cut your paper consumption in half. When you take notes on your latest graphic design program, use your computer or smartphone instead of a pad of paper.

On a larger scale, mandating a recycling program for all employees is a good idea for any business. Purchasing recycled paper and recycling used paper will ensure that you are maintaining a cycle of reuse.

Produce More Without Producing Waste

Limiting the essential materials you use can limit the amount of waste you produce. If you are producing print work, consider making all drafts and instructions digital until the final product is designed. Limiting the number of drafts being printed will mean you use less paper and ink than if you print every draft of your project. There are many software programs you can use to depict drafts exactly how they will look when printed. These flexible programs allow you to make direct revisions before creating physical copies of your printed graphic design projects.

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