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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing Fashion Merchandising

April 18, 2012 IADT Seattle, Fashion Design and Merchandising, IADT General 0 Comments

Fashion MerchandisingFashion merchandising seems like the ideal career path for you. But how do you know whether it’s a perfect fit?

Finding success in the fashion merchandising field relies on your dedication, but it also depends on your interests, personality, and professional goals. Before you decide to get fashion merchandising training, test yourself by asking these three significant questions.

Are you in tune with the fashion world?

Although your love for fashion is driving you to pursue fashion merchandising, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate your fashion industry talents. Do you keep up with the latest fashion trends? Do you have the communication skills to network with fashion designers and manufacturers? As a fashion merchandiser, part of your job will include traveling to fashion shows and other events to keep up to date.

Also, do you have an intuitive sense for predicting which trends will be hot in the near future? Your success as a merchandiser will depend on how well you choose merchandise that sells well in stores.

Are you a leader?

Fashion merchandisers have to be leaders because the decisions they make directly affect the store’s success. Fashion merchandisers must therefore have the confidence to assume leadership roles that require confidence and an acute sense of responsibility.

Becoming a fashion merchandising leader also means that you need great communication skills that allow you to coordinate effectively with marketing and sales teams as well as with manufacturers. Because of the nature of the work, fashion merchandisers may eventually assume management positions, so make sure you have the drive and ambition needed to perform successfully as a fashion merchandiser.

Do you know how to prepare for professional opportunities?

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree program in Fashion-Merchandising is the most direct route for preparing for the fashion merchandising field. Depending on your career plans and interests, however, you may want to pursue a degree in business, marketing, retail merchandise management, and more. To develop a well-rounded skill set, try to find internships or other experience that will supplement your education, such as working in retail. Above all, focus on gaining skills and knowledge relating to both business and fashion to prepare for your future.

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