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A Retail Merchandise Management Degree: How is it Different from Fashion Merchandising?

April 11, 2012 IADT Online, Retail Merchandise Management 1 Comments

Retail Merchandise ManagerDo you appreciate the value of quality products—and enjoy advocating for them? Are you interested in pursuing opportunities in buying, selling and managing various types of merchandise? Do you hope to someday own your own business?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions and were thinking of pursuing a Fashion Merchandising degree, you might also want to consider a retail merchandise management program.

Love Fashion? Never Fear

Fashion merchandising and retail merchandise management both share a foundation of business and merchandising principles. The major difference between the two is that retail merchandise management is not limited to the fashion field—it focuses more on the buying and selling of goods and less on product development.

This is an advantage for two reasons:

  1. If fashion is your interest, you can still apply the principles and practices you learn in retail merchandise management to the fashion field.
  2. A retail merchandise management degree is designed to prepare students for buying, selling, and managing products for all kinds of industries. Because it’s not just a fashion-focused degree, you can choose to later move into a different industry if your interests change or if your company branches out into multiple product categories within the same industry.

Getting Down to Business

Retail merchandise management programs take a step beyond fashion merchandising because they focus on what matters most in the retail world: business.

Instead of taking fashion courses such as “The History of Fashion,” you could take additional visual merchandising classes and or another marketing class when you pursue an associate’s degree in Retail Merchandise Management. If you pursue a bachelor’s degree, you could take another Buying class as well as additional management and communication courses—many of which are focused on international business.

This enhanced curriculum allows students to truly focus on learning how to market products, manage employees, and run stores. These fundamental business skills can then be applied across a vast number of industries.

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Katie Jones April 23, 2012 at 01:12 PM

The Fashion Industry has been a passion of mine since I was alittle girl, I wanna know everything there is to know about this Industry so i'm praying I get the opportunity to attend this program #1 to forfill a this dream it make me so happy to know Ican actually make a career out of what I love.

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