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Mobile Graphic Design Tips and Tricks

April 12, 2012 IADT Orlando, Graphic Design, IADT General 0 Comments

Graphic Design for Smart PhonesIf you’re a graphic designer or training to become one, your education is likely to have an extensive focus on designing Web content, including advertisements, applications and entire websites. Countless design theories and principles have developed over the years to help you create the most effective websites and ads, but the effectiveness of these principles assumes that the average Internet user is browsing on a home computer. The growing number of mobile surfers who use their cell phones and tablets is changing the rules for online graphic design.

When you’re working so closely with technology and communication, you have to be able to quickly adapt your graphic design skills, especially when it comes to the Internet. To gain insight on how to transition from traditional Web design to mobile design, check out these tips for mobile graphic design.

Aim for Functionality

Buttons, headers, and icons should be both functional and aesthetic. In fact, the limited space of mobile sites prioritizes functionality over aesthetics, so be creative in extending your design scheme to all of the functional elements of your Web design.

Opt for Simplicity

To make your mobile designs as functional as possible, always opt for simplicity. Users usually won’t miss the extra visual graphics because simplified typography, icons, and images can make browsing faster and easier.

Make it Streamlined

Creating an effective mobile site requires a careful balance between stripping the site down to its essential elements and keeping the traditional page features that users want. When you create your design scheme, make it a rule to remove any graphics or other artistic elements that are either unnecessary or overcomplicated. Since mobile content is simplified, feel free to use white space to make your designs easier on the eye.

Rely on Graphics

While you may be used to adding videos, photos, and animations to your Web or ad designs, avoid using multimedia on mobile sites. Even loading photos can drastically slow down mobile user’s download rate, which can cause them to lose patience and leave the site. Instead of using multimedia, stick to incorporating simple graphic images.

Use Color

One simple trick for creating attractive mobile designs is to focus on color. By creating a bold color scheme, you can attract the user’s eyes without impeding on the amount of space a mobile site or ad is allocated.

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