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Why Game Production Students Should Develop Indie Games

April 25, 2012 IADT Detroit, Game Design and Production, IADT General 0 Comments

Video Game DesignThe world of game design holds an infinite variety of genres, characters, and stories just waiting to be unveiled. For students in a game production program, the option to develop independent games may seem like an intimidating path on which to embark. But it might just be an endeavor that will change the gaming world forever. There are countless reasons why game design students should develop indie games, including a few in particular that students should keep in mind.

Video game design is highly competitive, and only a handful of publishers dominate the multibillion-dollar industry today. However, the smaller teams of creative indie developers who come together with their inspired original ideas have the freedom to work for themselves. This means not worrying whether budget-conscious publishers and supervisors will approve of their hard work and creativity.

Indie game developers who want more from their design experience are able to explore wider areas of interest and provide the public with an alternative to the generic shooters, sports, and movie game series. The creative potential that an indie game design student holds will drive the industry forward in the next generation of game play.

With the widespread accessibility of online streaming platforms and Internet downloads, indie gaming has taken off and is becoming more profitable for small-scale developers, allowing them greater opportunities to publicize the products of their creative genius. The mass media of television, magazines, and online blogs also provide more marketing for indie games.

The number of reviews and recommendations produced within the indie gaming community are greater than ever before. Festivals dedicated to indie games honor the hard work and dedication of these designers while allowing the public to provide feedback after testing new characters and games. Gamers are beginning to seek out non-mainstream characters and new story lines for entertainment, and these very ideas stem from the imaginations of new indie game designers.

The question of why a game design student should develop indie games boils down to having the enthusiasm to take charge and step into the gaming community with a fresh perspective. Your ideas can help you network with peers, not to mention expand your design opportunities. Developing indie games is a great way to get noticed and allows you the freedom to experiment while gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the gaming industry. The next generation of gaming is waiting.

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