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Top 8 Benefits of 'Liking' IADT on Facebook

April 18, 2011 IADT General 0 Comments

If you're considering attending IADT, there are plenty of reasons to "like" us on Facebook and join our community right now. Why?

1. Get answers to your questions about your IADT campus, program, or the school experience from current students, alumni, and school representatives.

2. Hear from real students and alumni why they chose IADT and find out what it’s like to attend.

3. See firsthand what goes on at our IADT campuses by looking at our photos, checking out our event listings and reading our Wall.

4. Meet other new and current students from your IADT campus before you even start!

5. See examples of actual work from IADT students and alumni, read others’ feedback on it and comment with your ideas. You can also share your own work!

6. Find out what happens to IADT students after they graduate by reading the success stories we post.

7. Find links to interesting articles/news/ideas relating to the program you’re interested in.

8. Get “in the know” about your IADT campus – learn things like the best places to study; nearby places to grab a quick, cheap lunch; and more from current students.

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