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Four Must-Visit Websites For Web Designers

April 13, 2011 IADT General, Web Design and Development 0 Comments

If you haven’t yet bookmarked the four websites below, do it now, says IADT-Online Web Design & Development Instructor Lucille Moon-Michel in the spring 2011 issue of Artistik magazine.

A prestigious honor for a website. Having your website mentioned on the Favourite Website Awards (FWA) would be equivalent to an actor receiving an Oscar or a writer winning a Nobel Prize – this is the big one! Based in England, the FWA has been recognizing high-caliber websites around the world since May 2000 and is historically the most popular website award program on the Internet. Every day, the FWA features a cool new site on its home page for viewers to admire and comment on. Being that this site receives over 4.8 million hits each month, the FWA is a hub for viewers to discover what is hot right now. An amazing new “Photo of the Day” is also included for visitors’ daily inspiration. Each photo is completely different in theme but equally as impressive. For those who are new to this site, browse through the ample archives of past Sites and Photos of the Day to find out what you have been missing. You won’t want to go too long without setting your eyes on this site!

+ Pros
The FWA site itself is also an award winner for its beautiful design and seamless usability. Membership is also complimentary.
- Cons
There is only an app for the Photo of the Day, not one that delivers all aspects of the main website.

A one-of-a-kind venue to showcase the software giant’s leading innovators. The Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) is a virtual museum designed to display and preserve artwork from prominent contemporary digital artists. Through international collaboration between Adobe and its affiliates, a unique virtual space has been created to celebrate the amazing capabilities of the software in the Adobe family. Designed by Italian architect Filippo Innocenti, the “building” is composed of three organic-looking towers that spiral at the base and ease into vertical alignment toward the top. Visitors are greeted by a Personal Viewing Pod, a graceful, robotic-looking jellyfish, and are lead through the main hallways of the museum. At the moment, the AMDM only showcases work from avant-garde American artist Tony Oursler, but soon it will showcase the talent of Mariko Mori and John Maeda. The AMDM plans on introducing a new exhibit every quarter, so be sure to keep this site in your favorites!

+ Pros
This site has a lot of potential and it will be very interesting to see how it evolves over the years.
- Cons
It takes a long time for each section of the site to load and only allows limited access to the building.

Crucial advice from one of the Web industry’s leading professionals. 456 Berea Street offers simple but valuable information for developing clean and functional websites. Founder Roger Johanssen, a Swedish Web professional with nearly 20 years experience in the interactive field, shares his best practices with the world. The easy-to-follow articles and examples cover many common topics for web accessibility, standards, and usability. In the Lab section, Mr. Johanssen provides clear-cut models for demonstrating various coding techniques. M r. Johanssen’s writing style is sincere and unembellished, so readers get the impression that they are getting one-on-one advice from him. 456 Berea Street also offers reviews about recent web design and development books, as well as an archive of past articles categorized by topic and when they were originally posted. If anyone is in need of web advice, this is the first place to go.

+ Pros
There are over 30 different web design and development categories available for the readers’ enlightenment.
- Cons
Articles seem to be written infrequently, creating large gaps between postings. 

A smorgasbord of design news for almost all types of media. Dexinger.com keeps visitors posted on the latest industry news through 30 categories of contemporary mediums. A sampling of topics include 3D, Branding, Exhibition, Furniture, Jewelry, Industrial, Landscape, Lighting, and Web Design. The abstracts for each article have a large thumbnail next to them, allowing viewers to get a quick glimpse into the entire story before reading further. Dexigner.com lists upcoming competitions and events, and also lets visitors subscribe to a newsletter. Perhaps the design of the header is alternating or is reserved for an advertisement, but the current graphic has a large area of white space in the middle of the page. This big blank section makes the rest of the page feel incomplete. Aside from this cosmetic criticism, Dexigner.com is a very comprehensive site that provides valuable news for professionals in a vast range of disciplines.

+ Pros
News is added regularly, making this site a good source for fresh information.
- Cons
The About section is sparse, creating a mystery behind the story of this comprehensive website. The long right-side vertical navigation is awkward when browsing.


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