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  1. Art & Design Schools | International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT)

    Find art & design schools in your area. Visit the International Academy of Design & Technology website to search for schools located near you.

  2. Art & Design Schools in the US | IADT Locations

    Check out our complete list of art schools and design schools in the US. Find IADT locations near you and get more information about degree programs today.

  3. About IADT-Chicago | International Academy of Design & Technology

    Looking for an exceptional education in the city of Chicago? Learn more about the degree programs offered at IADT-Chicago. Contact us today.

  4. Famous Computer Forensics Case | IADT - Chicago

    Computer forensics is a valuable tool used by law enforcement officials to solve crimes. Find career training for the exciting field of computer forensics at IADT – Chicago.

  5. IADT Accreditation & Licensure

    Learn more about the IADT accreditation & licensure policies. IADT is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

  6. How to Organize a Fashion Show | IADT - Tampa

    Do you want to organize a fashion show to show off some of your latest designs or to raise money for a cause? Learn more about organizing a fashion show from IADT - Tampa.

  7. Fashion Trend Analysts: What Do They Do?

    Fashion Trend Analysts: What do they do? Discover the ins and outs of this field, Fashion Trend Analysis.

  8. Online Degree Program Myths | Academy - Online

    Looking for a career-focused, online design degree program? Consider the difference of Academy - Online. Take a look at some common myths about online degree programs.

  9. The Pros and Cons of JavaScript: Is it Still Necessary? - IADT

    JavaScript has become a favorite for many up-and-coming Web developers in recent years, but is it still relevant?

  10. What Business and Marketing Skills Do You Need in Fashion Merchandising?

    What business and marketing skills do you need in Fashion Merchandising? Find out more developing your Fashion Merchandising business skills at IADT.

  11. Famous Directors Who Went to Film School: Where Are They Now?

    Film school provides more advantages than you might expect. Learn more with IADT.

  12. Visual Merchandise Coordinators: What Do They Do? | IADT-Seattle

    Discover the job description of a visual merchandise coordinator. Pursue your educational goals by enrolling in the Fashion Merchandising program at IADT-Seattle.

  13. International Academy of Design & Technology | Request Information

    Now is the time to request information about the International Academy of Design & Technology. Contact us to get started on your education.

  14. Admissions | International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT)

    Find out what the Admissions requirements are for getting into an art school and design school. Learn more about IADT’s online art and design school today.

  15. The Best Upholstery Fabric for Pet Owners - IADT

    The best upholstery fabric for pet owners is typically patterned or evenly textured with a tight-weave in darker colors and washable synthetics. Obviously, it's helpful to select textiles that are not easily...

  16. Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing | IADT

    How does internet marketing compare to traditional forms of advertising? Discover the pros and cons at IADT.